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The true core of my professional experience is visual and written communication.My Goal toward acheiving all-around excellence in these endeavors is summarized here.

About Me

Sparking ideas. Fueling results. Igniting change.


Create. Drive. Inspire.

These should be the goals of any project. I have placed them at the heart of my work as a graphic artist and writer. That’s why my background includes a bachelor’s degree in English, with minors and journalism in communications from Lehigh University and master’s degree in technical communications from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. I have since worked as a graphic designer as well as a marketing specialist. I have freelanced for businesses large and small, helping to expand and enhance the vision of each business and individual by using words and images to reach a world already saturated by the overabundance of visual and audial noise.

I do this not only as a living or for profit. I Do it because I am compelled create. Compelled to create a new experience. Because I am consumed by a drive. A drive to push my ideas to the next level. All because, I am created for and driven to inspire.

Graphic Design/Web design


For over 20 years, for businesses large and small, hire and contract, I have created a variety of outstanding images for various formats. Over the span of my career, I have created logos, print layouts, websites, digital photography and image rendering all for the purposes of education, information entertainment and branding. I am experienced in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign Illustrator and more. I use these tools regularly for my various projects.

1. Though my postgraduate studies were in graphic design and technical communication, I am self-taught web design and programming languages and techniques like HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery. I have worked with small businesses, helping them to revamp their layouts of their websites as well as using search engine optimization techniques in their content.

Creative Writing

As I have previously mentioned (and will mention) Throughout this site, I am a lifelong writer an artist. I have I have done this personally and professionally. I am a published author, under my pen name Ian Black. I use my flare with the written word in my copy and technical writing projects. My creative writing has been used in everything from comic strips to corporate greeting cards to marketing and advertising materials. Creativity has been a driving force in my life and certainly in my career.

Technical Writing

Have you ever read a read a user manual that didn’t have the necessary information that allow you to complete the task at hand? Or have you ever read a learning document that was so boring it was incomprehensible? I believe that a good communication tool is thorough, usable and engaging. With a graduate degree in technical communications, I have developed and designed user manuals learning tools across all genres of technical endeavor with this concept in mind. Because I believe usability will make any product stronger.